Sunday, December 2, 2007

Review of life as a living soul~

heh, at a glimpse at the title post, I guess this will be a little wordy. After living for 18 years, a lot things do happen. Since little, we were taught to walk, speak, sing, etc.. Every time we faced any difficulties, our parents would stand for us. The food, electricity bills, car loan, water bills, etc. were being paid by our parents. As for us, we just sit there and dream of becoming rich in an instant or maybe be the next prime minister or maybe be a galaxy hero. Our dreams seem to never end but as time flies, our thinking changes. We start to see things differently. We start to know and understand what is reality.

Once we are able to stand on our two feet, we are destined to face the reality or rather, the society. Some of us might feel afraid, some feel excited while some...they said it's not a big deal. It depends on individuals on how they think about blending themselves in the society. Along the way, some young inexperienced ones will find it hard to tackle the problems that lie before them. Why is it so? Is it because during their younger days, they did not take the chance to learn more about society? In other words, are they being ignorant about the outside world while living happily in their comfort zones? Or is it because they have already knew that the fact this world is so ugly and crooked that they dare not face anyone or even voice out their opinions? Or is it they take things easily and learn only after they face the horror of the world? Whatever it is, they are just mere speculations. I wonder which category do I fall?

Do people really dream since they only believe in reality? Yes, some do but some just stick to reality and continue to work and then retire just like ordinary people. When they dream, do they live their dreams or just merely a star in the sky that cannot be reached? Some live their dreams but some let their dreams lead their lives. They do not plan actions to actualize their dreams. They're merely daydreamers. To be honest, I have a lot of dreams. As to how I can really fulfill them, I'm still in search of the ways. It really bugs me at times whether the dreams that I have will shatter into pieces even before I start the first step.

To live your dreams is not an easy job. I guess it's very important that one should be strong and firm enough to protect your dreams from being destroyed by others. I know I may sound naive, but I think protecting your dreams is what you should do first before you live your dreams.

Still... ...

These unseen dreams of mine, will they be visible enough for me to grasp even if I work extra hard?

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