Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another update on kampar....

Sometimes blogger really pisses me off because the image uploader is damn slow! I've tried in the morning, noon and now, it's only starting to upload a few image. Still, it's freaking slow! I have to upload them one by one instead of the usual five-in-one-go style. Plus. the weather here kampar is weird. First, it's hot till your skin is scorched then it pours like kampar's going to be flooded in no time. As expected, weird weather always causes illness among us poor students. The good news is, I'm as fit as a fiddle. Haha! Another thing, the farking modem just broke down a few weeks ago which, again pisses me off. I need the internet to do my assignments la and to frequently update myself with the latest manga la. Argh! Of all the times... ... Now, I have to borrow the internet line on the 3rd floor to surf the net!


Crap! When I want to move a whole bunch of paragraph to the top part to be my opening introduction..i accidentally deleted all the photos..damn! Why can't blogger have the "undo" function?????

"heaves sighs after complaining"... ...

Well, since my brother borrowed me the "dunno-what-model' cannon camera, I've been trying my best to capture some pictures. Though photography is not my specialty, I think the pictures taken will be enough to let you guys know what I have been doing in kampar. After all, it never hurts to go flashing around with your newly acquired..or rather borrowed camera in a small town like this.
Anyways, first off,

I saw this the first time I reached kampar. Looks familiar? Hah! I guess you all should know the similarlities in the name of the famous fast-food (fried chicken) and this new restaurant. Quite innovative, right? Was thinking of having my own fast-food restaurant... ... How about CFC...Clement's Fried Chicken, Finger Licking Fabulous...
Come to think of it, it's not that bad! XD!

The curry noodle that I've taken in kampar. Quite nice. The sticky-ness of the gravy and the spicy-ness really made me syok! It costs about RM 4.50 which I think it's rather reasonable. And also, the sea coconut desset. It's a bit too sweet for me though. Taste like the syrup in the longan can. Price: RM 2++.

The mixed rice here in kampar is damn cheap. Look here, I took 2 half-sliced japanese tofu, potato stew, two vegetables and a big bowl of soup. It only costs me RM 2.70! My jaw dropped when the auntie told me the price. Unlike our university's canteen, the auntie gave a few stalks of vegetables (somemore, it's not fresh green but yellow...I wonder if they kept it overnight) and a few pitiful pieces of chicken. They charged me RM 2.70! Stingy bunch of canteen ppl... ...

Who says cats lives mostly in Kuching. Kampar has lots of cats too~ Especially the ones that I like the most. See this cat, the fur is just so similar to my cat in Kuching. Too bad that cat of mine lost himself in deep space coz each time I call him by meowing loudly, my neighbour thought of me as a kid who's desperate and in need of a pyschiatrist for counselling and guidance.

The sleeping version of this "kawaii" cat. Hey, cats is really good at choosing place to sleep. This cat just step on the scooter and sleep away like a log!
It's cat mating season. The pair of cats is certainly a lovey-dovey couple. They're a bit too loving until they want to show their love in front of the public~ Wow~ love is really powerful...because of the affection that grows greatly between each other, they like to share their love with others too~
On second thought, the male seemed to be unhappy... Maybe I flashed too much.
p/s: Flashing with a camera = A papparazi. Oh please, without flashing, how am I suppose to take syok pictures... ...Hahahaha!


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ahxian said...

haha... nice nice... u really slim down d la... OMG.... i also need to follow ur excercise plan d....haha