Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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It's study week! I'm suppose to bury myself in a big piles of books and eat them page by page. Why am I here babbling about common university student's complaint?

Maybe I really need to complain.

It's been four days already since I last came down from Kampar to K.L. and I'm still not in the mood to study. I want to transform myself back into the nerdy clement... ...The feeling of not being able to study normally is giving me some sort of stress...


It feels like you have nothing to do the whole day and always giving yourself excuses that there'll always be tomorrow. So, sit back and relax the whole day scratching here and there, watching tv shows, chatting on the MSN, updating my blog (which is very rare thing for me to do) and surfing the net to look for more classical music. Ah, it feels like school holiday. I hate that feeling during the study week.

I was thinking that I would study better once I returned to K.L. but the results are still the same. I'm still having this relaxing lifestyle like I'm still in Kampar. To makes things worst, I'm feeling empty now because the whole house (my brother's rented condo) seem to be so quiet in the mornings, afternoon and even evening. I know I like a quiet environment to study but staying at home alone for the whole week makes me grow mushrooms.

Ah well~ All I need to do now is to force myself to study even if I don't want to. I don't want to hurt my butt during the exams! Yeah, after all, it's for a few weeks that I need to struggle. So, what's the big deal!

... ...Typical Ramblings of An University Student... ...

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