Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growing 0.15 cm - Pieces of thoughts

“It’s okay if you cry,” because you suddenly told me so
For some reason, I felt happy and a smile spilled instead of tears

With way-too-awkward words, I ended up hurting you
However, you didn’t leave me
And even now, you’re supporting me like this, surely…

A wish I want to fulfill, a dream I want to fulfill, thoughts I want to send, everything-
The act of continuing to believe summons a miracle and it’s connected to the future
Forever, hey, I want you to watch over me forever
Dear My Friends

“You’ll be fine,” because you told me so when we were about to part
The loneliness that I felt, with that single remark, vanished neatly

To open a new door- Anyone would be scared and full of anxiety about it
But because if I recall you, who pushed my back
Strength comes and overflows in me

Honest feelings, inexorable things, frank words, everything-
If I could convey them audibly, then the future would unfold
Always, yeah, because you exist in my heart always
Dear My Friends

Even if stand still, even if I seem to forget
I vow to face forward time and time again, for no matter how many times
Light shines in from the sky that I looked up at
Until the day when I can meet you again

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