Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Growing 0.16 cm - It's YUMMY-licious!

Home cooked food on the way~

Had been eating outside food for the too long...

Consequences: Having a great time pushing my feces out like a pregnant woman

Plans to overcome it: Homecooked food with extra fibers a.k.a vegetables added

Person to execute the cooking mission: Ho Pei Fen and Chin Yin Yien.

End result:

Glorious food glorious! Not too salty, not too bitter, not too sweet. Everything's just fine.

The half naked guest of the day~

The happy family gobbling up the food~

Conclusion: Had a nice dinner with my family..=) Had a nice chat with all of them. Laughed hard.

Oh, I had a smooth business the next day after consuming the extra fibers.


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