Friday, April 9, 2010

Growing 0.20 cm - Being short and sweet

Humans tend to get fed up easily...

Once they're exposed to the same over and over again, they'll eventually get bored.

Even the civilians who worked routinely day and night, they'll definitely find it boring.

So, they choose entertainment since it's more fun.

Even the monks in the temple, I don't really believe they would pray and pray and pray every single day without feeling bored.

I'm sure they would find some social work to do, to meet people, to see the world.

Before I go too far, I'll conclude that humans are creatures that get bored easily.


Humans too easily get fed up if one tend to talk too much or worry too much.

Once a person tend to worry too much, he/she'll make sure everything goes smoothly..

So, he/she will make sure the minor details are taken into consideration.

So, when the conversation starts, it seems endless because he/she would explain, explain, explain until the other party gets it.

And at the end of day, he/she will be termed as a time-wasting machine.

Why so? Simply because he/she has lost faith in them.

He/she worries too much because he/she thinks that they could not handle the minor details which will in turn, end up in a total mess.

Crab, isn't it?

Come to think of it, these homo sapiens are already adults.

I should have left these minor details for them to decide themselves.

I should have been more short and sweet in giving my instructions.

I should have been more discreet and stern while giving out my instructions.

In short, I should have been that lenient all the time.

I'm too kind-hearted.

Am I?

I guess after all the rambling, it all comes back to me.

The problem lies with me, myself and non other people.

Crab, isn't it?

Still, I could not understand why these people are sooooooooooo ______________ until I also want to give up and say "bye-bye" to them.

[You fill in the blanks yourself.]

p/s: I've noticed that most of my posts are EMO. Man! I'll grow old faster....=.='''.

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