Sunday, April 25, 2010

Growing 0.22 cm - In Ipoh, In KL, In Kampar

Phew, for the past weeks, been in the state of constipation...

Can feel the toxic in my body sapping out my energy...Reason?Hung out with friends in Ipoh, then in KL, then in Kampar again...Sorry, no pics in Ipoh cuz at that time, my battery became a traitor and left camera-less throughout the whole trip...Bah~~
In KL, attended career fair in Mid Valley to find some jawapan for my future and then hung out and makan makan with kawan-kawan...

K: "Bleh~ I want to eat Carls Jr. lah~~ I dong wan eat Mc D!"

Had our dinner at The Garden's Yo Sushi! Not much of a "Yo!" going around here cuz the food is not yummy-licious...
The happy face while eating her dunno-what-salmon-rice...
The serious face while eating his teriyaki rice..
The financial manager smelling the smell of money- yums~WARNING! BABE AHEAD~ SWITCH ON YOU HEAD LIGHTS!!

And then back in Kampar, celebrated friend's birthday and BBQ-ed

Kawan punya B'day

One big family~
A (boy): "You gimme back my cake!"
B (girl): "Ahh~ Don't touch my face~!"

The guy and gals desperately wanted to eat raw fishes..told them not to, but they still insisted...LOL!

And that pretty much sums up the things that we did.


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