Saturday, August 11, 2007

Top 8 things that We, Malaysian say, interesting...

Heh, I found something interesting in the Star newspaper a couple weeks ago. So, to avoid any form plagiarism, the article I've taken is a Saturday paper dated 11 August 2007. Well, I may sound formal, but I don't want to end up eating curry rice behind the closed bars.

Okay, okay, here's top 8 Malaysians' expression

1. ~lah
practically, everyone in Malaysia uses ~lah at every end of their sentence, especially when we speak English. Just in case there's anyone who don't understand what I said, here's an example:

A: Come on ~lah!! Let's go watch movie ~lah!!
B: Cannot ~lah! My mom don allow me ~lah!!

This is our version of English. Nope, I should've call that as Manglish. Aren't proud of ourselves. We have our own version.. ..

2. maachan
well, i think it comes from our translated word, "macam". Again, that's quite common in our daily rojak language!

A: Maachan itu bikin ~lah!
B: Maachan mana ~lah!
A: Maachan ini ~lah!

3. Brudder as in brother
That's REALLY common among the true brudders who speak aloud as if they sound like the ang mohs.

A: Yo brudder!! Long time no see ~lar!!
B: Brudder! Go yam cha ~lar!!

4. Ta pau
All malaysian use that!! We all know what that phrase means. So, no elaborations on that!!

5. cin-cai
Wa-lau (Oh My God!!),, cin-cai has so become part and parcel in our daily conversations.

A: You want to eat what ~lar..
B: Cin-cai lar, I cin-cai eat one!!
A: What cin-cai ~lar!! U eat shit ~lar!!

6. Aiyo
This usually means "What!", "How come?"...

A: Aiyo!! Apa maciam u bikin maachan tu ~lar..
B: Aiyo!! In maachan tak boleh ~lar!!
A: Aiyo!! I suruh u bikin maachan ni, u bikin maachan tu. You bodoh lar!!

7. Malaysia Boleh!!
This phrase was once being said by our former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir. He's a great man who truly made, "Malaysia Boleh!!"

A common phrase used too.


8. Yam Seng
Nothing special about this. It's just merely means "cheers" in Cantonese. But, we use this widely in wedding dinners, or meeting out with old friends, or maybe celebrating successful moments with friends or relatives.

Aiyo!! Aren't we proud to be Malaysians? We have a diverse culture and languages. Come on ~lar, you can't get this anywhere ~ler! Maachan ini susah nak cari ~lar!! Cin-cai cin-cai ~lar, as long as we can understand each other, that's enough. eee-ni kek ra na we Malaysian's speak the same thing. Wow, never knew that we are so united.. heh!!

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pearL said...

lol. we're most famous for your -lah. no doubt about that. an indian taxi driver asked me when on my way to work

why do malaysians always say lah? i've got a friend from kl who keeps saying lah

kl people =..='''