Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another biology experiment-blood~~~

Well, well, I did another biology experiment which was not as gruesome as the mouse dissection. It's just mainly about observing how our red blood cells and white blood cells look like. Actually, I took some pictures with my friend's handphone. I know, I know, I should a handphone that comes with a camera, mp3 player,even with mp4 player and stuff like that. But, I'm so broke that I couldn't even eat a grain of rice. Pathetic, right??

Anyways, here are some random pictures:
The normal red blood cells under the microscope. Do you see the pinkish cells beside the needle? That's a white blood cell.

The pinkish ones are white blood cells. A small group of dark purplish dots are actually your platelets. (Fragments cells that are involve in blood clotting mechanism.)
Sickle anemia cell (Observe that some of the cells are like sickles or moon-shaped.)

After observing all the blood slides, it's now to determine our blood type which, is my favourite part. Heh, it's coz I didn't even know what my own blood type is. I'm gonna explain this coz it might sound too technical and complex. It's better to be simple... ...In other words, let the picture do the talking.
Officially, my own blood type is B+.

It's very simple to carry out this experiment. First, drop 3 drops of our blood on the slide. Mix each one with 3 different kinds of antibodies serum. The agglutination of blood will show which blood type you are. Heh, it's so easy that there's no need for me to waste my money going for blood type testing.

One of my friend, "Mrs Beaver" was tested B+ but later it changed to O+. Oh man, I wonder if she's reall a beaver or a normal human being??? She even squashed her own blood by accident or maybe not. See the results above the picture. See the greenish one?? She's definitely a beaver...or something else... ...

Overall, it's an interesting experiment for me.

p/s: Let's hope that there're more dissection activity in the near future. Heh heh.. ..

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