Friday, November 23, 2007


It can come so silently,
Like a rat,
Searching for its food,
Or rather,
A tiger searching for its prey... ...

When the time is ripen,
it explodes,
everyone's startled,
everyone's disturbed... ...

It can come abruptly,
Like the still waters,
That turns rough,
Drowning everyone,
In just a blink... ...

Some turn to violence,
Some turn to peace,
Some stay unperturbed
Either way,
Fail to protect,
The peacefulness that have,
Started to crumble,
Before the dawn sets... ...

If only,
Human can forgive,
Human can reconcile,
Human can look,
Into the eyes,
and pour the words,
that slept in the depths,
of the living chamber,
real peace will then descend,
and touch the hearts,
of humans...that had onced,
being enclosed,
by walls of ice.

The ice melts,
where spring will reign,
over the chilly winter,
Flowers will start to bud,
The breezy wind,
Warms us,
Everything... ...
Everything... ...
Will start anew... ...

Heh, there it goes again.. ..My random ramblings. Don't mind me babbling about weird stuffs...By the way, if you do not get what I'm trying to just ignore this stupid, odd ball who has nothing better to do writing useless stuff babbling about wars, springs, flowers. Heh!


kasslerviolet said...

hey,nice poem.. hehe.. but it's over i suppose.. At least for me.haha.. cheer up boy,i will always read your blog.hehe..

Prof.Chouji said...

Thankies!! Good to hear that it's over!!!