Friday, November 9, 2007

Laziness has once reign over me and of blog..

~lazy and moody.....sighs...Do I look pretty?=_=''''''

I was not in the mood actually to post anything at all this past few days. Wait, is it few days?? No, it's already like few months already. I'm really short of things to blog about already. Yeah, call me a anti-socialist or anything you like. I just don't know what to blog about. But, one's thing for sure, I'm lazy... (Am I contradicting myself??) Plus, I don't own a camera or even a pathetic camera phone to take some bloody photos and post them in my pathetic little blog to let my hardcore readers (yeah, as if the whole world's reading your blog) to enjoy reading while happily clicking away on the pics to enlarge them in order to look at my magnificent photo skills. Well, photos can speak a thousand words...never actually see photos talking to me before.

Anyways, I'm going random again. This past few weeks, I've been rather moody. Anything that went wrong would definitely get on my nerves which makes me a hateful asshole. I feel horrible, terrible and vegetable. Why am I that moody? I fear that I have andropause(is that how you spell it?). It's really hard sometimes to control your emotions especially when you feel frustrated and angry. Yes, I know that smiling when you're angry or punching anything even your friend might somehow make you feel better. Still, it's easier than done. Would you still smile happily even if someone messes up your masterpiece on your presentation day? I don't think you can do it. You see, I'm kinda sick of this moody feeling. I really want to get rid of it..hmm, not to extend of ridding it once and for all. I just want to become a saint once a while. Saints are people who are very patient and forgiving when they are prosecuted even if the things that they've done were passing God's word to the world. If only I have half of their personality, then I would be half perfect. Nobody's perfect in this world, that's what I believe.

Btw, I'm officially 18 now after my birthday on 5th of November. I'm thankful for those who remembered and noticed the day when I was born. Thank you very much. Thinking back, I've been living for 18 years already. Still, I think I don't have much development in my maturity. I did this personality test somewhere in friendster and I found my maturity stage is only at the level of a 14 year old kid. It didn't surprise me at all since I'm know that I still think like a kid. I'm sure that because of my childishness, people start to got "sian" with me...("sweat drops!" It's too melodramatic!!) Must find some motivational books to read and build up my personality.

switch to happy mode..

Heh heh, I just bought a samsung MP3 last month. Again, no photos. I'll try to ask my brother who is still selling fish to take a photo of my MP3 to boast boast a bit about my MP3. Basically, it's light blue including some radio functions, file storage, music storage, microphone and so on.. I bought it at PIKOM (computer fair) with the price of RM297. Initially, my brother asked me to buy the ciplak aka capalang MP3 brand with cheaper price. But, I "lan si" want to buy got brand one. If it's branded, I'm sure it's more long lasting that the ciplak one. Right?

Finally, some wonderful pics to tickle your ass..
Female cats do have nipples and they need protection. Don't you think so?

Even doggies can live "harmoniously" with kitties...

That's all for this post..shall post more..if possible...


ahxian said...

haha... no worry... ppl do read ur blog....

but then camera is really important to a blogger... should get 1...(for the sake of ur readers!!!)


Prof.Chouji said...

no money ler...but will buy one soon...damn! No money sure feels bad!!

kasslerviolet said...

hey.. dun worry.As long as you have something to write.. den it's okie d.I'll read you blog.It's a nice blog.Just express carefully when you blog.hehe.. Plus,if you don't have cameras.. there's always yahoo which you can search for similiar photos to post up.. alright?there's filthy of photos and news in yahoo and google to be blog about.. =) cheer up alright,boy? happy belated sorry i didn't know.*hugggies*