Friday, September 26, 2008

Never miss a flight...T-T

Never ever miss your flight!

Or even change your flight ticket unnecessarily.

You know why?

You'll get you butt spanked real hard. You'll get a big hole burnt in your pocket.

Trust me.

My original flight was originally 28th Sept. 2008. Since my examinations ended earlier on 19th Sept., I planned to go back to Kuching earlier. So, happily I went to MAS office in KL Central to change my ticket.

It is a government three-year passage ticket. So, changing of flights are totally free.

Guess what? I got it all wrong!

I had to pay RM120 again to change the flight to an early one, 8.15 am. Argh!

Well, at first, I thought it was for the sake of going back to my long-lost hometown, so I don't really mind until I got a call from my dad.

Dad: Aiyoo, why you pay so much! Changing flights free one! No need pay la!
Me: Har? Got such policy meh?
Dad: Aiyoo, I say no means no lar!

... ...

After a while later, my phone rang.

Officer: Encik, sorry for the RM 120. You only have to pay RM 60. So can you please claim back your RM 60?

What the hell! MAS ar, why can't you check the ticket first before you charged people.

Fine, I reached the office again and got my RM 60 back.

Me: Kak, i thought it's RM 120 that I'm supposed to claim?
Officer: Oh, that's for the processing fee.


Anyways, finally changed my ticket and I'm happy with it despite all the trouble that I have to go through.


I told you my flight is 8.15 am, right? I woke up only at 6am. Instead, I should woke up earlier than that!!!!


Coz the ignorant me did not know that I need to check in 2 hours before departure!!!!!

What's worst! I forgot to take my air-ticket and I had to return all the way to my house to pick up my ticket.

By then, it's already 7.30 am when I reached KL central!

With loads of baggage, I ran as fast as I could to check-in counter. No one helped me with baggage except one kind auntie and my brother (he helped carried halfway coz he parked at the taxi's parking slot)

Reached the counter and gave the ticket to the officer. Guess what, while he was checking the ticket halfway, he laughed and tell his colleague that the counter is closed long beforehand.

What the toot are you laughing at! I was really annoyed that time. Why don't tell me, kenapa you tell your colleague. (You know what kind of people will do that. I don't want to discriminate people!)

Bloody hell!

Annoyed and NOW, nervous! coz the KLIA express leaving from Kl central to KLIA is 7.30 am and it takes 28 minutes to reach there.

I'm way behind the schedule now.... T-T



Being slightly positive-minded, I boarded the train as usual to KLIA at 7.45 pm. Got multiple calls from my parents. They told me to go try out the waiting list as well as to book a new flight once I reached KLIA.

Extremely depressed as well as a little angry at the unhelpful people and that bastard officer!

Reached KLIA.

Went to ticketing counter and now, I got the freakin' penalty of RM100 for missing the flight.

Miss flight also kena hukum. Toot la!

I told the lady there to change my flight to the last flight on 27 of Sept., 10.15 am as well as put me on the waiting list so that I can board any plane if there are any last minute of of cancellation of flight on that time or any passengers who did not board the flight.

Got my coupon from the lady and she said I could use this to exchange the ticket on 27 Sept.

On the other hand, got a real bad news from the lady as well, my CNY ticket has been canceled off by the agency who gives out the government ticket. (Grr, now I can't board my flight back to my hometown for relaxing 3 months, don't tell me I can't go back to get my ang pows and eat my bak kua next yr!) Luckily, she helped "re-booked" the ticket.

Reached the standby- counter to register myself in the waiting list and AGAIN, I met a freakin officer who lectured me.

Officer: You shouldn't have miss the flight la~!
Me: I know. (Sudah annoyed, mau tambah annoyed lagi!)
Officer: You know all the flights are fully booked. Then why you miss again! (Then speaks in Malay) Sudah booked ticket, buat ape nak waiting list.
Me: (Wa lao eh!!!!! Chao ah kua!) I know! Then, I'll have to depend on my luck! (Forcing myself to smile)

Waited there in front of the counter for a few flights till I gave up.

Wanted to stay at the airport for one night to await for the 10.15pm flight in the first place (the express cost me RM35!) but on second thought, staying in the airport without internet will somehow cause my brain cells to freeze.

So again, I paid RM 35 (heart breaks) to go down to KL.

Back to KL and back AGAIN to my bro's condo.

Again, back to KL central to deal with my CNY ticket. It was on the database. Great! Heaved sighs of relieve.

Back to Bro's condo. I started to worry about the 10.15 pm flight coz that lady didn't give me any ticket reference number. So, I called the MAS hotline.


They said they see no WONG KIING FOOK CLEMENT in their database!!


I argued with the person-in-charge. Somehow, I couldn't stand anymore. I just blast everything on the kesian fella until he said that someone has canceled his flight at 4.30 pm.

Oh my gawd, my heart suddenly grow wings and can fly now (dunno correct usage or not..). It's not as heavy as it was before.

Then, he gave the reference number to retrieve my ticket from KL central.

So, for the last time, I went to KL central again...


Finally, got my ticket issue solved...

argh! A darn painful experience.

And I think the miss-es in the Kl ticketing counter had already known this crazy boy who ran back and forth from the MAS office. Each I came in, they had the face of "what?! This kid again?! What's wrong with him!"


I regretted changing the ticket. Coz my money juz flew off like that.

3 times KLIA express - RM 35 x 3 = RM 105
Freakin' ticket processing fee = RM 60
Freakin' taxi for going back to my bro's condo and to kl central = RM 18
Public Bus fare to KL central= RM 4
Freakin' penalty for missing the flight = RM 100
Freakin' baggage overloaded fee = RM 180

Total = RM 467

Seeing this amount, I HATE myself now. T-T


Dorae-ong said...

Ha, ha, so troublesome, hope this won't happen next time. Happy Holiday!

MonicaMomo said...

wakaka,nowonder that day on the way i go to airport at KL central i saw you with ugly face.

Prof.Chouji said...

swt la...where gt..i go klcc that day..zzzz...

Anonymous said... terrible ya.
hm..not important d.
now u r at home d...can enjoy ur lovely toilet bowl o.
haha^^ happy holidays ya.muacks.