Thursday, October 16, 2008

I see shades of pink~ and random stuff...O.o

The story of me meeting Mr. Pink begins:

Filled with gratefulness, I came down from my dad's car after he picked me up from the airport. Without hesitation, I ran as fast as I could to the toilet to meet my favourite toilet bowl. I wanted to hug "it" so dearly coz I haven see "it" for months. I love you, toilet bowl. There's no other toilet bowl that is greater and useful than you.

While I was ready to pull down my pants and let my my motion passed on my favourite toilet bowl, to my horror, I see shades of pink...

I rubbed my eyes.. ..

Oh my gracious mama,It's a bloody pink mop~~~~ I never ever, since my childhood days till now, saw a pink stuff in my house except for my pink power ranger...

yes..I admit I forced my mom to buy a pink power ranger for me when I was still a kid. But forget about that, I'm a 19 year old young adult now...zZZZzz. A ki
d can have strange taste ma~

I asked my mom about it and she told me it's bloody expensive than a usual mop. The quality is better.


Thus end the story of meeting Mr. Pink.

Anyways, welcome to our home Mr. Pink.


Back to some random stuff.

I promised for some updates.

So, I'll share something nice with you.

The glorious food that I ate at Kampar, Perak~

1.The famous kampar fish ball noodle. (sorry..for the blur image x.x) Erm, I don't really like the "you tiao" been put inside the soup. I'd rather eat the crispy you tiao. The soup is ok ok lo.

Rating: 3 stars

2.Aha~ This is the "chee cheong fan". It's actually taste like "kueh tiao" served with either prawns or "char seow" in it. But then again, the red sauce did not suite my taste bud. I still prefer the black sweet sauce served in K.L. xoxoxo

Rating: 2 stars

Wolalala~ the all time famous "nga choy" chicken rice really made me syok! You know what's the difference it has with the normal chicken rice? It's the "nga choy" or bean sprouts that they served.

They are big, fat and crunchy. I could have asked for more. Trust me, the "nga choy" really made this chicken rice a difference. The chicken itself too is chicken-licious~ The chicken is well cooked till soft and tender with sesame oil later added to make it smell good~~

Rating: 5 stars

That's all for the food section.

I have lots of food pictures that I've taken during my study days in kampar. But, I've transfered it to my friend's computer and I've deleted them in my brother's camera.



Another random stuff:

I hereby would like to offer my apology to mua friends especially Daniel.

Sorry for not informing when I will be coming back to Kuching.

Sorry for the times that I did not go visit you guys when I was back in Kuching.

However, I have a few reasons (not excuses):

1. I do not have any sorts of transportation. Let alone my brother's bicycle, I would perish in the middle of the road if I cycle to meet you all, my friends.

2. Whenever I had my holidays, you guys are schooling or having exams. Oh, do not get me wrong. I do not mean to blame your exams, you or your school. I just do not want to be a pest asking you guys out and be the "driver" driving me around Kuching. I felt bad, ya know. Furthermore, some of you are having STPM now, it's future we are talking at.

So, mua friends, if it is possible, tell me when you are free (I mean really free, no exams, no nothing. XD), we can go hang out anytime. I will be here for three months till next year.

Cheers~ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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