Thursday, November 6, 2008

Acceleration pedal + inexperience = weee~~ =.=

Ahh~ driving was so much fun back when I first stepped on the crush, break and acceleration pedals.

A few cases nearly get me and my sifu lost our souls and sometimes my sifu can go like this ~ "o.O"

Case 1:
When you start to turn at a junction, you should looked at the curb and estimate for yourself.

As for me:
1. I always turned to soon till half way almost hit the curb. zZZzz
2. I stepped on the acceleration and turned straight. I couldn't care less to step on the crush pedal. The whole car just turned as if I was drifting~ =.= All the things dropped side ways.. Btw, I did that with a straight face. o.O

Case 2:
When you drive your car up a hill and stopped, you should pull up your hand brake, release your brake pedal, step on the acceleration pedal ( muz step really hard...), release your crush a little. Then, when you car start to tremble a little, release your hand brake while keep on pressing on the acceleration pedal to move down the hill.

As for me:
1. Once I stopped at the hill, I happily pull up the hand brake..but alas, my car went downhill instead. =.= Sifu keep on asking me to brake but I still keep on accelerating. ZzzZZ

2. Driving from my house to the driving institute, I forgot to change my gear to 1 (i use gear 3 to drive up the hill..=.=) and the car was like going up the hill and down the hill like a zillion times. Up and down. Up and down. Even the aunty at the back waiting for her turn also got "pek chek". (annoyed) Got lectured slightly by sifu.

Case 3: Parking should be a perfect one. Thou shall not hit the "tiangs". Once hit, the intructor will kiss your ass goodbye.

As for me:
Parking was rather easy for me. The only thing that I really hate is turning the steering wheel. It's freakingly hard. Trust me, doing this a few times made me sweat like hell.

Still...for the last time of parking, I miserably knocked down one tiang. Sifu was like "o.O"

Too overconfident, eh?

Case 4: When driving on the road, when you see the vehicles in front have started to brake, thou shall brake too.

As for me:
I happily accelerate my vehicle thinking to go faster than 60kmph.

Sifu, " Can brake leh. The car in front stop d"
Me, " Ok."

Still, I stepped on the acceleration pedal.
Sifu, "OMG" he then stepped on the brake pedal himself.

The end. =.=

Case 5: When go down hill, thou shall apply brake pedal.

As for me:
I just don't know why I like the acceleration pedal. =.='''' The car went crazy..speeding like hell. It was a rather "fabulous" roller coaster ride. lectured by sifu at the end.

Ta da~~ this is part of my driving experience.

Yesh, tomorrow will be on-the-road practice. I hope I do well.

p/s: Sifu, please bear with me. Your disciple is a slow learner.

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