Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh my Lord! I kena tagged! 0.0

Gawd, this is the first time i kena tagged. I have to answer all these freaking 70 questions! =.=

Oh well, since I'm that free sitting at home selling char siew pao, I don't really mind to answer them. XD

Question 1.
Do you like anyone?
Considering my age, I should have like someone by now or even more so, love someone. But till now, my childishness at times has cause much trouble than I expected. Girls hate these type of guys, agree?

In short, being single is still the best. Cheers~! :D

Question 2
Do they know it?
Hello~ I told you I tak de orang yang disukai la. Maybe I'm a gay. "gasps" Oh well, as long as my conscious is clear, I won't get my butt hooked by another guy.

Question 3
Simple or complicated?
Oh bi gawd! How long am I suppose to answer this sort of questions? Neither simple nor complicated. I'm basically free of anything. No love, no like! Gosh, I never knew my life would be that boring. o.O

Question 4
Bought something?
Yes, I bought a red spandex for myself. Reason? To attract more girls. Cheers~!

Question 5
Gotten sick?
Being a chinese, I should say, "Choy, simply curse people!" But, being a modern citizen, I would say, "Oh, I'm fit and healthy. Thank you for asking!" Still, why do u ask whether or not that person is sick!

Question 6
Been hugged?
Never ever. Oh, I did hugged myself. Besides, who wanna hugged a big water buffalo like me? You said you don't mind? Come hug me! I 'm desperate of hugs. :D

Question 7
Felt stupid?
=.= I feel stupid answering these questions. That's all!

Question 8
Talked to an ex?
When someone have no ex, whom shall he/she talk to. To the wall?

Question 9
Missed someone?
Now, I think no. If there is anything that I missed dearly, that would be my home. :D

10. Failed a test?
So far so good. I once failed in my chinese spelling test during my primary years. I got a total 0. I cried bitterly as I await the canning from my mom. I begged and begged her to forgive her but still I got whacked. Dramatic, eh?

11. Danced?
Yep but I sux at it. I danced like a robot while the others danced like a pair of graceful swans. "Frowns"

12. Gotten your hair cut?
Ya. I tried to keep my hair long but...my head sweats like hair coz my hair is growing tremendously fast. My scalp is itching too. =.= I hope I don't have any fleas lurking around in my hair.

13. Lied?
Of course. Be realistic, if you want to get yourself out of the hot water, you have to lie to save your butt. Trust me, being too honest at times kills you.

14. Nervous habits?
Oh come on, even the greatest TV host, Oprah Winfrey has this stage fright. What more to say me, standing in front of the crowds or meeting "great and almighty" people? 0.O

15. Are you double jointed?
Sorry, your english is too deep. I tarak paham. But for the sake of courtesy, I would say no.

16. Can you raise one eyebrow?
If THE ROCK can do it, why couldn't me? For those who can't, practice makes perfect. It's super easy to do.

17. Can you cross your eyes?
What kind of dumb questions is this? Of course, I can!

18. Do you make your bed daily?
By the time I wake up, it's time for school. So, who bothers that much! Even if it's holiday, I'd rather go play my game. After all, it's your bed. You can do what you like! "Ahem"

19. Do you think you are unique?
Unique? Do you call a person like me who likes pink ranger unique? Anyways, I think so, coz God created each and everyone of us uniquely, so I think I'm unique!

20. Said " I Love You" ?
Ya, to my cat and dog. Fair enough? o.O

21.. Given money to a homeless person?
Hmm, talk about donation. I seldom do that. Wait a sec, don't labelled me as heartless person or whatever it is. I don't simply give donations coz whenever I saw a homeless person with perfect limbs, I will get rather annoyed by their begging. Come on la, go find some work la. Even helping the restaurant wash plates will also earn u a living!

22. Smoked?
I hate to smoke and I don't like smokers as well. Banned smoking. And one more thing (though a bit out of context), I hate inconsiderate smokers! Buzz off, you smokers!

23. Waited all night for a phone call?
There's nothing more idiotic to wait for a stupid phone call! Just call to that person and case closed! Save your time coz time is money.

24. Snuck out?
Never. I haven't got my bloody car liscense yet. Even if I snuck out, I have to wait for the bloody old bus to get me to the destination I want.

25. Sat and looked at the stars?
I tried before but only for a while. Seeing stars blink make my eyes blink as well. I only admire stars when I feel lonely.

26. Do you swear/curse?
In the name of religion, I would say no. Still, most normal people like me will start cursing people if he/she get on my nerves. I'm "unholy"! XD As for swearing, nah, I seldom do that.

27. Do you ever spit?
Spitting is uncivilised. It's the same as digging your nose or butt when it's itchy in front of the public.

28. You cook your own food?
To survive, yes. When mom's at home, it's my time to play my favourite video games. ;D

29. You do your own chores?
Again, when mom's at home, I seek pleasure. (Ahem, don't think too far!) When forced, I sulked and have to obey mom's orders. Sighs, what to do.

30. You like beef jerky?
Hmm, no~ I love beef steak though. Pai seh, lim pei chin chai answer coz your english too deep. Somemore lim pei lazy to find dictionary.

31. You're happy with your life?
I'm between happy and miserable. So i guess i'm normal with my life. Not too happy, not too miserable, not too shabby. :D

32. You own a dog?
Mom hates dog but I love dog. I want a dog but mom banned me. Anyone giving me a puppy as a christmas present? T-T

33. You spend your money wisely?
Yes and no. Yes while I'm in the brink of bancruptcy. =.= No, when I got my ptptn loan. Oh yes, it's time to shave a big hole in my pocket. XD

34. Do you like to swim?
I sink like a rock. Get it?

35. When you get bored do you call a friend?
"Harlo, ah li arr, I so boring now. Can come over and eat pork?" Nah, I would never bother my friends that much unless I have something to do with them like go watch movie. Ain't I an angel to you, my friends? Wakaka!

36. Flowers or Angels?
Angels are much prettier than flowers, no?

37. Grey or Black?
Black looks cool, grey looks old. So, I choose black.

38. Color or Black and White photos?
I am not any sorts of backwater island kid. And mind you, we are living in the 21st century (correct me if i'm wrong), of course we go for colour la!

39. Lust or Love?
When you get horny, it's lust more than love. When you get in love, it's love more than lust. So I can't really make a choice here since both are dependent of each other. Dun understand? Forget it~ =.=

40. Sunrise or Sunset?
I like surise. It marks the beginning of the day. Time to full speed ahead. :D

41. M&Ms or Skittles?
zzzz...chocolates, eh? I dun like both. Guess what, heard that this kind of brands have gone through animal test when they are producing the chocolates. So whoever who eats it, they are the killer. Muahaha!

42. Staying up late or Waking up early?
Yo, man! The night is still young! I choose to stay up late~

43. Being Hot or Cold?
Lukewarm. Not answering the question? Bah, it's my choice to answer like that. Cheers!

44. Winter or Fall?
Winter. Coz I never see snowflakes before.

45. Left or Right?
Right lo~ Honestly, I dun really understand what's the purpose of this question being asked. Be specific la~

46. Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?
Aiyo, why use so long and deep words. Say friends then enuf liao ma! I have 10 friends but 1 best friend. God is my best friend! Cheers!

47. Been dumped?
... ... Lazy to answer... ... Please refer to the answer above for more info...

48. Stolen money from a friend?
Stealing is lying. That's how I feel. So, no!

49. Been in a fist fight?
Why fight with fist while you can fight with your mouth. To the uncivilised, try using your mouth for a change. The answer is no!

50. Snuck out of your house?
Hey, I wonder whose the author of all these questions!!! It's getting freakingly redundant~ WTH

51. Had a crush on a teacher?
Oh bi gawd, I'm gonna whack this author for good. First you ask me I have a person that I like, then I said no. Now, you asked me whether I had crush on a teacher. Oh come on, the answer is obvious la! Geez!

52. Seen someone die?
You! Been whacked by me for all these dumb questions! Muahaha!

53. Been on an airplane?
I sat almost a gazillion times already. I'm not showing off or anything. You don't expect me to sit on ferry across south china sea just to go perak to study~ =.=

54. Slept all day?
I do hibernate but seldom. Mom said sleep more, die faster. ;D

55. Missed someone so much it hurt?
I missed my ass so much that it hurts. =.=

56. Fallen asleep during school?
When the lectures get boring, freakin YES!

57. Been lonely?
If not, why am I answering your dumb questions! (note: to the author, not to the one who tagged me. ;D)

58. Cheated in a game?
Of coz la. I dun want to waste my time trying and trying..cheating is the easiest~!

59. Been to the ER?
Ok la, I call u dumb and now u curse me to visit ER. zzz...I hate you~!

60. Been in a car accident?
Zzz..you know what, you are freakinly kay po! I'm learning driving now and now you ask me got or not? How am I going to answer you.

Still, I'd answer a YES for the sake of courtesy.

61. Had detention?
No, I'm a good boy. :D

62. Missed your first love?
zzz...dun want to answer liao~

63. Cried yourself to sleep?
No. I laughed myself to sleep. True, you have to be happy before you sleep so that you won't have nightmares.

64. Sung in the shower?
Lalalala, it's a joy to shake your butt and balls in the shower. So, yeah!

65. Kissed a complete stranger?
No. If there is, the first thing I'll do is kiss her back. If it's a he, heh heh, I'm gonna "cucumber" him! Ahem, in other words, I'm gonna drag him to a police for ghey molest.

66. Laughed so hard you cried?
Yapz. Laughing=adrenaline=happiness..:D

67. Cheated on a bf/gf?
Even if there is, it's non of your business. Butt off!

68. Regretted hurting someone?
Yes, I'll say sorry with puppy eyes. Yeah, that's how to say sorry more effectively. XD

69. Regretted loving someone?

70. I Tag :Daniel Yong Yew Rong, Dr. Dorae-ong, Pooi Ting, Eichi, Ah Xian Xian, Kah Yee, and of course my bro, mike, thats all.

p/s: be patient when u answer these freaking questions. I almost threw my keyboard away~ :D

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