Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Darn busy!!

Waloha my blog!! It's been a while since I typed something in here. I have been busy with school events these days. I miss the old days where I only go to campus and come back home right after the school ends. Now, I have to stay back at school and work. Meetings here and there. Never ending torture.

There's a few things that I really fear of after putting so much effort in school activities.
1. My studies
~ The topics are getting harder for each lecture. What's more worst, both my eyes are freaking heavy coz i slept late to complete off my works.

2. My personality
~ Argh! I tend to worry too much about this and that till I phone that particular person a few times to ask for conformation about proposals and stuff. I don't want things to go out of hand. I tried not to be too annoying but the fact that they did not inform me about what and how things are doing on their side makes me really wanna call them up and fire them questions. =.= And last but not least, my leadership in handling stuff. It's a matter of getting people to listen to you but on the other hand, I had to listen to people instead coz of one simple reason, I can't make my mind easily! RAWR!

Sighs, enough of my small ramblings. I shall not let these PROBLEMS control me!! Fight! Fight! Fight! I shall put my studies first and I shall have a firm decision of what I want in the future!!



ur pretty o-ba-sam said...

little angel dropping by frm kuching~~~

hahahah..u missed out one..ppl dont listen to u cus u lack that garang face n attitude!!!u so lembut, and owes compromise wonder ppl dun wana listen to u la.

anyways buddy, ganbate!! aja aja! u so smart! can de la~~sap sap water for u la~~~

=D aja aja!

Michael Wong said...

There's no meaning in something if you put a meaning to it.

Put entirely your focus on what's going to happen which you desired - visualise, feel it and in your head, think that you already have it and not focusing on things that you don't want. You will see miracles and wonders flourish in front of you.

I hope to see you soon. I hope you have growth innerly. Clement, you can do it. Just remember what I have taught you and what bro had reminded you all this while.

Michael Wong