Monday, March 30, 2009

~Grey - It's been a while~

Again, been busy with all sorts of things lately. Ranging from campus events to personal life. Though it's hectic throughout the whole month of January, February and March, things are starting to slow down in April. Most probably examination is moving its way to our doorstep.

But I like that kind of life.

Being able to take part in lotsa activities such as UTAR Ball 2009, Famine 12, visit to orang asli Kampung Tibang, prom night 2009, UTAR Song Writing Competition add so much fun and colour to my life aside from studying. I learn tonnes of new stuff by interacting with different people - generating my friends' network as well as how to deal with difficulties that needs you immediate attention on the spot.

One word to describe - fantastic experience!!

On a personal life note, I've learnt new things throughout the stay with my helpful housemates my great roomate and my friends. This might sound old to you but it's an added experience to me in every semester. Though I might have quarells with some of them, I've grown to understand their needs and try to adapt to them. Though I still seem to have that moody face every morning or when I'm busy with my things, I'll always try my best to strain my face muscles to smile and talk to them. Even I hold any positions in any of the events, they would greatly support me all the way and join in the events esp. my housemates and my setapak friends who just came to kampar to study. Thankies all. :D

Sounds like giving grammy awards.

Anyways, I wanna enjoy my uni life the way it is now. If possible, I wanna add more colours in my life. Not merely the monotonous study life and all. I wanna turn my life from grey to different colours as one could have imagined.

Lol, I guess that's all from my ramblings.

Next post: Something grand awaiting for ya.

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