Saturday, June 13, 2009

Growing 0.02 cm - Closer to God~

LOL! It seems that my growth is stunted since my last post.

Anyways.. ..I've got a little story to tell you. It may sound insignificant to you, but this story inspires me.

World's famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Last Supper when he was 43 years old.

It took him three years to complete this wonderful masterpiece. One day, he decided to bring this painting to a good of friend for some comments on his work.

His friend said, "What a wonderful piece! Especially the holy grail. It's absolutely stunning!"

Immediately, Leornado took a paint brush and distort the holy grail that Jesus is holding.

Astonished, his friend questioned him, " Why did you ruin your own work? This is ridiculous!"

With a smile, the infamous artist replied, "I spent my time drawing Jesus, not His holy grail."

Such a short story really touches me. It tells me that Jesus should always be the focus and the center above all things.

I wanted to say I love you Jesus. But before that, I need to do the necessary preparations before I could commit myself unto you... ...

Please wait for me, my Lord... ...

p/s: Holy grail is actually the cup where Jesus placed the wine and turn it into his blood to be shared for mankind under the blessings of the Holy Father in heaven.

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