Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Growing 0.01 cm ~ The night of enchantment - UTAR BALL 2009 part 1~

UTAR Ball 2009 - an enchanting moment that was very enchanted indeed. But, it wasn't very enchanted behind the doors.

Anyways, it a night of wonder and a night filled with ladies masking themselves with artificial beauty. Some was of natural beauty while some did some faint make-up and yet sufficient to make them look elegant.

As for guys, it's the typical spiky hair and those whose hair was combed in the professional and smart way. As for me, I did went for a hair do and it costed me around RM15. The auntie in the salon colored my hair with red and blue. =.= It was a bit "la-la" for me but what the hell, I've never dyed my hair before. So, didn't really what others said about me on that night. As long as I feel happy for myself, then I'm proud of how I looked. "winks"

p/s: I'm lazy to arrange the pictures. I guess captions will help you guys figure what these pictures meant, no? :D
Me with my "girl" friends. It was rather embarrassed for me though. I never had a photo-taking session with "pweetie" girls, you see.

The Queen of the night~ The girl beside is famous for her brutal-ness. You can witness yourself how brutal she is in a video where she dances.

The all-time famous euphoria~ It's a pub where it only allows certain number of people to enter. Once it's full, then you're out. My personal opinion ~ it's not that great after I went in coz it's freaking small and packed.
Heh, who says all the fatties are just humans made up of a pile of excessive adipose tissues? She can SING damn well! Cheers for you!
This building reminds me of a castle in final fantasy 9, the alexandria castle. Anyways, it's a well-designed building. I like it.
Two of my friends posing straight after they saw this car. =.= They can't wait to be models
The singer for the night. Too bad she sang till her voice went out of tune after a few songs. :(
The first dish for the night. It was fabulous but the waiter that served us hate me and gave me the littliest amount that I could have ever imagined.
The girls from UTAR Kampar Perak Campus. :)

The "pweety" chairlady for the whole event. Sorry for the blur picture. Didn't get the chance to get near her. Her aura almost blew me away.

Overall, the event was a success. An eye-opener for me as well.

p/s: I never went to such a grand event before
pp/s: Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. Will try to improve myself.

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