Saturday, July 4, 2009

Growing 0.04 cm - The symphony of colours

Yeah! I just attended the symphony of colours organized by the Asian Cultural Society. The whole event was packed with colourful performances.

The whole program started at 7pm and ends at 12 am. Imagine the 5 hours performance packed with 20 different performances from the main 3 races - Chinese, Indian and Malay.

But then again, I did not bring my DLSR camera along with me. Heck!!

So, no pictures and videos. =(

I'll just use words to describe it until i get some pics from my friends... ...

The whole night is filled with dances ranging from traditional dances from each races and then till R&B and hip-hop dances. It's kinda like shifting from eastern to western culture.

And....after the night, I'm totally in love with Indian music. The power of the music and beat really makes me move. Heh, I guess I should take Indian dance class to shake off the excess fats. =p

As for food wise, it's rather sufficient to fill my stomach but...'s not till the extent I'm too full till I cannot move. Maybe we can add more variety to the food served and enlarge the portion a little.

The dances are great but a few suggestions from me lars:

1. Since it is about Asian culture, dances from Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines, Japan, Korea or any other Asian countries can be included to make the event more colourful.

2. A photo booth can be set up where there are different costumes from different Asian countries. Audience could wear it and take pictures. Or best, we could have the committees wear the clothes and let students take photos with them. This can best be done before the event starts - A photography session.

3. We could have some traditional games being played during the morning part. Hee, if you guys want to have a whole day of cultural activities. This will be an extraordinary mega event.

4. As for the food, we could different taste of the foods from different Asian countries. If it is way too expensive, maybe we can include the dishes from the 3 main races. Not only the performances are colourful, may the food be colourful too. =D

5. As for the decoration part, it as fabulously done. I love it. Again, I tarak pictures. To add on to the fabulous-ness, we could put some decorations from different Asian countries like the nelayan hat, sarong, batik, japanese fans, the indonesian mask, the thailand silk and so on...

Hey, these are all purely suggestions though. But judging from this, the whole event is going to be pricey...unless sponsorship can be found...

Haha, till then!

Ja ne~!

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