Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Growing 0.05 cm ~ Reviewing myself

Lately, I've missed alot of opportunities surrounding me. And it's like they are waving to me and I kept ignore about their presence.


It's all due to the fact that I'm IGNORANT!

I'm ignoring the times:

1. When I get the chance to lose the pounds and shed off the love handles.
2. When I got the time to "smash" my violin.
3. When I don't cherish the times given by doing lotsa cool stuff, e.g. cave venturing, or snorkeling.
4. When I never TRULY fell in love with someone. (p/s: I don't think I wanna have one now. Being single is lonely but for me, it feels all right for the time being.)
5. When I have the chance to earn big bucks when I'm still in campus. Am so DESPERATE for money to come flowing into my pocket or bank.
6. When I don't really read and apply what I had learn during the soft skills programmes. WASTE MY MONEY SIA!
7. When God is calling me to come back to HIM.

There are still many more to go which I am lazy to think of since I'm IGNORANT!

True enough, I'm so in a pathetic condition now.

But then again,

I WANT, WANT, WANT AND WANT to grab the opportunities before I graduate.

And thus,

1. Shape my bodeh~! Yeah! Eh, I want Shakira's hips! Not too slim but masculine enough to attract myself and the girls. Ha~!
2. Smash my violin till I can get myself in an orchestra team. Or in a more modest tone, I wanna play my first recital in front of an audience.
3. Go try extreme sports like cave venturing. I wanna go Gua Tempurung lars!!!
4. Get myself a girlfriend?! Nah, I wanna stay single for the time being and STRAIGHT forever! =D
5. Try getting some free-lancing work during my 3 months industrial training. I hafta to learn what does it feel to earn my own money!
6. READ more and APPLY more soft skills. I need someone to help me on this. I'm a forgetful person, you see.
7. Be more holier. Read more bible scriptures and pray more cause I did not attend church masses for like a few weeks already. Damn sinful leh! x(

AND another thing,

Brush up my photography skills!! My friend said I have lousy photo-capturing skills. T.T sad case. But, there's no harm trying to be good at something you are not good at, no?

=D... ...

Till then,

Ja ne~~!!

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