Monday, July 27, 2009

Growing 0.08 cm ~ Breathless week!!

Ahh~~!! Had my tissue culture mid term today and it was "fabulous" in a sense that I almost jump titanic!!

I guess I had to read the notes at least 5 times to get all the chemical names and the procedures up in my head!! I don't know why, it seems that my brain is shrinking, I just could not memorise things anymore.

Maybe it's time for me to use mind maps or something else~~


By the way, I just learn how to swim! Hurray!

It's not such a big deal, you might say. But at least I've learn something new during this semester.


Oh, by the way again, I've officially considered as the outcoming SRC!! I've been in the student council for a year already and it's high time for me to let this chance for my little juniors to carry on. =x

Here are some of the photos captured~

All the leng lui and leng zai all some of my SRC gang during the handover ceremony! Thanks for the times we had ladies and dudes!

Erm, omit the "are"...i only had one picture coz I din bring my camera that day. ROAR!!!


♥||Stephanie||♥pretty_obasam♥|| said...

looking good! wah, u kno how to swim adi? gud la, nex time go swim together =D can jian fei oso =)
take k! cheers!

Prof.Chouji said...

yays!! okok!! i wan go swimming!!