Monday, August 3, 2009

Growing 0.09 cm - If you want to change~

If you want to change, you must be clear what you want to change and how you intend to change.

And I tell you, changing yourself away from your bad habits is not an easy one.

It's like leaving your favourite food behind when you're aiming to slim down.

It's freaking torturous.

And when you feel like eating the things you like, there's always something like this that pops out in your head, " Well, just for today! I'll eat just for today and tomorrow I'll start to avoid all these food."

That's when you start to give the same excuses day after day without even noticing it.

When you say you wanna quit eating these food, it means quit everything.

No matter whether it is "just for today", "a while", or even "abit", you still have to quit and that's that.

If you still insist that you "reward" yourself or allow yourself to indulge in your bad habits, then you're actually breaking the promise that you've made.

When you quit or do something to achieve your goals, it's all about sincerity and action. It's not about other people around you, it's all about you.

The only person who can break that promise is the one who made it because no one is responsible for another's promise. It is all about you.

Don't ever take others as an excuse while you are keeping your promise. If you try to rationalize why you should quit because of relationships and reputation, you will not quit your bad habit forever.

At the end, if you still insist of walking the wrong path and still say that you're fat or whatever it is, you should not blame others because this is the decision that you have made yourself.

It may be hard to quit the things you like. Even if you lose the world, even if you have to forget all those comfort that you've once had, even when you have to face the pain due to your loss, you'll still keep your promise and move on.

Because this is your LIFE. And that's true determination.

The moral of the story is...

You decide yourself. =p


Shi Xiang said...


just "discover" your blog.

I like the way you write. thumb up*

Prof.Chouji said...

Thank you, Shi Xiang. ^^

Glad that you like it! =D