Friday, August 28, 2009

Growing 0.11 cm - Your future is in whose hands? Fate or You Yourself?

Dear People,

Once again, I've stopped growing. As what Daniel said, I need more fertilizers.

Currently in KL living at my kor's place. It was indeed an enlightening trip for me.


Coz I learn a lot of things from my two kors place and also from Melilea itself.


One thing that I've learnt is, you may be the leader among students in your campus but you might not be the leader of the society.

That's pretty true.

Well, you may be a chairman of various events and you might be holding various positions in your school and campuses, you might not necessary perform extremely well in the society.


It's cause in campus, you are only dealing with your peers.

In the society, you're dealing with a whole lot of different scenario. All different kinds of homo sapiens ranging from fat, thin, tall, short, ugly, beautiful and bla bla bla...

You may be able to compromise with or persuade/convince your peers when making a decision with ease but when it comes to serious business in the society, you need not only the skills that I've mentioned before, but also the power to think.

Once you stop thinking, that's when things turned out to be a mess.

So, I'm learning how to grow and face the society now. I'm learning how to build my own crystal clear goal from now. I'm learning to take actions and move towards that goal.

Questions for you to ponder, have you planned what you are going to do in the future after you've graduated? Do have any clear goals in your head or do you wish to live your life as it is and let fate guide you?

Study is important as well but is studying is purely what made up of your life?

You answer all of these yourself. Coz it's your life, not mine.

Think about it.

Be Clear with what you want. When I mean clear, it means crystal clear. =)


Yokie said...

i like this post. it makes me think

Prof.Chouji said...

Thanks jie! For a while there, I think that my post is rather old..=)