Thursday, August 6, 2009

Growing 0.10 cm - Blogging Ethics and what not~


I've been reading blogs lately and there are one similarity that I've found, most people blog about other people more than they blog what they did.

Get what I mean?

For instance, political blogs blogged about other parties and its people in it. Celebrity bloggers wrote about other people gossips or vent their frustration towards the people they don't like and the same goes to normal bloggers like you and me.

The fact is, there is this blog ethics that start to pop up every now and then. Why? It's coz some bloggers were being treated with "free curry rice" either for a few months, years or maybe forever.


Based on my point of view, blogger ethics touch on the matters like, do not critisize the government until you breached the articles stated in ISA, do not throw any sorts of mother-fawking languanges against people as it is consider as a public offense or I define it as cyber offense and what not.

All these restrictions, ironically, seem to grab bloggers' freedom away to blog at all under the daylight.

That is why we have all these pretty normal bloggers blogged about food and where they went for tour just to avoid being bombarded with all sorts of freaking comments from different annonymous which do not want to reveal themselves.

This happens whenever the owner of the blog posted something nasty or unpleasant about one person/organizations who is the friend/colleague of the readers.

And when that happens, everyone seemed to be at cold war when they meet in real life without even giving each others chances to explain.

Some bloggers might protest that, "Ah! It's our freedom to blog what we want! If you don't like to read my blog, then butt off! There're millions (or maybe just a few) people out there waiting to view my blog!"

They're all common bloggers' type of response when they're receiving nasty comments.

In fact, venting your anger on your blogs can be good and bad. The good part is, you can release your anger. The bad part is, you get hated coz your blog is publicize for everyone to view.

Oh geez, if that's the case why don't encrypt your posts so that only people who wants to read can read?

Reasons behind are, I WANT TO GET POPULAR! I WANT THAT PERSON TO KNOW HOW ANGRY I AM. IT WAS JUST A MERE RAMBLE! SO FAWK OFF! I WANT TO EXPRESS MY ANGER ON MY BLOG BECAUSE I DUN ANYBODY TO TALK TO...and the reasons go on and on and on. Humans, as you can see, is a mammal that can think. And that's why you can get all sorts of reason out of it.

It's there really a need to have a cyber law stating blogging should be all about nice and sweet things? Maybe ISA can help reinforce this cyber law... ...

Maybe those who curse other people will go to jail.

So far, I don't see any of them sitting in jail unless that offended person sue him/her to court.

Anyways, whether to curse or to gossip people on your blogs, it's still up to you unless under some serious circumstances like you're gonna get assasinated by your haters.

I guess that's all for my ramblings.


I'm going to be Jesus Christ soon!!


I'm not simply blaberring or what... ...

It's true!!

Look at this picture and you'll know!!

Oh~~ May the light and darkness be created! The sun governs the day and the moon and stars govern the night!!!!

LOL! I'm actually involve in a drama. A drama for the school kids in the church. Just started practicing. Do I look Godly? =x


Photos courtesy of Monica.



Anonymous said...

when the light is created then still be alright~

if you turn On the DARKNESS, jen sure faint. GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clement nOt jesus at that mOment, is a ghOst instead. :-p

Yokie said...

hahaha.... so funny that angel pic

Prof.Chouji said...

LOL! Jenny! I'll come haunting for you~~~!!!

Jie!!! I look weird leh in that robe...LOL!

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