Monday, October 19, 2009

Growing 0.14 cm - Am I a fish seller? o.O

LOL! Finished my finals several weeks ago and I got a B- for my genetics.

Genetics FREAKED me out during my finals. I almost leak out some urine...


Anyways, I should be grateful for not bringing neither a cat or a dog home...

On the other hand, I've just receive my industrial training since 5th October 2009. Will be ending my training on the 18th December 2009...

It's a busy life everyday..doing experiments and reports...

It's like back to campus life..=.=

But worst of all, I'm working as a FREE labour.

Nonetheless, I shall treat as an experience in the society. Rather than growing mushrooms at home, I learn to mix around with people. =D

Well, everything comes with a price. If you need some things to be fulfilled in your life, you will need an equal trade-off. That's the rule of life, ain't it so?

Oh, recently, some friends commented me as a fish seller.

Still don't get it?

It means I'm selfish..

Am I?

Until a certain extent, I admit it.

Let me illustrate an example.

I borrowed some books from xxx during finals since we are taking the same subject. I need them to do some references.

But I did not return them after a few days or weeks. FYI, we live under the same roof and I was an absent minded kind of person. I did that a couple of times as well.

Because of this, I was termed as selfish.

There are always solutions to every problems. Thus I formulated two methods:

1. xxx could have told me that he/she need the book so badly. Then, I would gladly return the book. The thing is, I asked before I borrow though I did not ask for the last time but after that, I've learned to ask with my mouth.

2. I shall not borrow anything from him/her. The last resort would be the library. At least I don't have to be labeled as selfish by the library. =0

Reasons behind that I may be selfish at times are:

1. I'm the youngest in the family.

2. I seldom care about other people. People MUST care about me instead.

Sounds like a spoil brat, right?

Still, I can't live in the society with such attitude.

People will HATE me as mentioned before.

So instead, I will choose to sell myself. =) Why? Selling myself to others is all about caring and helping those around you.

What goes around comes around..

If you treat people good, someday you will get your rewards even if that person treat you like a piece of shit.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well, frankly speaking all of us can't please everyone in our life.

as long as we treat others sincerely, even though in return, as you said, get a piece of shit.. jen still thinks that's the best we can do for them d. if they still not satisfy then, sorry~

jen face this type of problem many times. jen changed own attitude also. sometimes is our problem...keke.

clement, jen knew you can cope with it. cheer up ya^^
jen, as a friend will always be there.