Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Growing 0.15cm - I've married myself to orchids! =)

Again, I'm pretty late in updating my blog.

It's purely due to laziness...=)

Anyways, I've been training under Sarawak Biodiversity Centre since 5th October.

So this is what I did.

Still dunno what the hell did I do for my training?

By the way, you can call me a gardener because that's part of my job. =)

Still not satisfied? Still scratching your head?

Aiyo! I told you I'm a gardener. I keep the plants alive every single day...except for weekends..

And yeah, I plant some orchids too. =) Bad photo quality, my bad...but still the flowers are nice, right?

p/s: I like purple that's why I said it's nice...=x

If you might think what is that fluffy thing or you think that it's sweet floss candy that you happily lick your way through, think again! It's freaking fungus contaminating my experiment! RAWR!

Great! I think I've exposed my job....T.T
Ok la! I'm doing plant tissue culture now. It's actually cutting leaves, stems or roots from parts of the plants and placed in nutrient agar medium to let them grow into new cells and finally regenerate into new plants.

I've tried to explain it as simple as possible..hope you understand..=)

My working bench..=)

You might think that it's dry and boring job..but I like my current training now.

At least my supervisors and the staffs there are friendly..=D

At least, I get to try a lot of new stuff that I have never learnt in my plant tissue culture while I'm in UTAR.

At least, there are girls to glimpse at...opps..=.='' forgive my hormones..

At least, I'm in my lovely hometown now! Kuching food..nyahahahaha!

Alright, enough with my training.

So, what are some other things that I do during my weekends?

I learn how to bake!

Sissy? Lame?

tOOt off to people who thinks that way!

Coz baking is no more limited to girls anymore! Guys who learn to cook and bake will never have to starve themselves to death. =D
First try - Apple pie! Well, it was apple-liciously scrumptious! Though the crust is abit thin and the apples were overly packed inside was still YUM!

I was thinking of pouring half bottle of cinnamon powder into the apples before baking but...too sweet might cause I gave up! =(

Second try - Dark chocolate tart!!!

The crust is abit to hard..=.=''' It's the damn recipe's fault! At first, I put the flour as written inside that book and I had to knit until the mixture became a dough. But it ended up into a sticky mixture...what the hell! So my mom and me had to modify by adding flour and voila! The crust is as hard as rock! =.='' I guess when you hit the tart to the wall, it will definitely bounce back to you.

But still...I like the tart cause of the chocolate...yum!!

I guess that's all for now!



Yokie said...

it is knead not knit... u r baking not sewing... hey..... next time u come back make some for me ok??

Prof.Chouji said...

zzz...i follow the word "knit" in that recipe book...argh! that book tipu me again..

ok lor..but make sure u dun puke when u eat them..XD

Yokie said...

if i kena poison u pay for my medical fees ok? what lousy book u bought wor?
go get a good book then make for me.. mauhaha

Yokie said...

if i kena poison u pay for my medical fees ok? what lousy book u bought wor?
go get a good book then make for me.. mauhaha

Prof.Chouji said...

LOL! Ask ur big fish make for you..=p

yin yien said...

Lao gong..i want to eat apple pie!!!!! Bake for me next year k? Hehe..

Yokie said...

u sot la.... i dont have big fish... i got nothing...

LimKahYee, Kylie said...

OI!! purple is my color RAWR!!! and remember bring some cakes to Kampar next year. love ya~~ XD