Thursday, April 7, 2011

#1 Major boredom strikes!

I’ve changed my blog and post title because they sounded corny, now that I just realized it.

Another reason is that I’ve been strike by major boredom and I’m currently suffering from a disease called, “lack-of-socialization”. I could count how many words or sentence that I’ve uttered for the past few weeks. I seriously need a good chat with anyone at all, including aliens! I’ve approached some of them but it seems like either they are too shy or they are too engrossed in their work.

A major crackdown!

I fully understand that I’ve chosen this job on my own free will and I shall take full responsibility of it instead of complaining. I never knew that this job would be so unproductive and de-socializing. I’m the type of person if given any tasks to be fulfilled; I’ll gladly do it with no complaints.

In other words, I want to be busy! Give me work and I’ll shut my mouth. Period.

Maybe I should think about approaching my boss to give me some work. Do you think he/she will entertain me? Think otherwise, if you are a person with a packed schedule, would you even entertain a lowly fella who seeks for more work and responsibilities to be appointed?

I wonder.

I could have done some extensive reading or maybe prepare some necessary documents needed for my admission as an employee. I’ll let you into my shoes then. How does it feel when you have to read non-stop every single working hour? Unless you’re a typical book-lover, then it’s my bad.

Heck! I’m on the verge of nerve-breaking. Should I leave or should I make the bold move of complaining?

Help me, Almighty one! T.T

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