Thursday, August 2, 2007

The excitement of dissecting a mouse. Syok!!

I had my practical last Monday and it was absolutely a fantastic experience for me. It was my first time dissecting a mouse. To be exact, a female mouse. Heh, at first, when my lecturer demonstrated how to pin a mouse on its legs on a wax tray, how to cut open the stomach and the skin of the mouse, I went a little nervous as well as excited.

Now, after a long demonstration from my lecturer, it's my TURN to pick a mouse to dissect. Guess what, I picked a big fat virgin mouse who eats a lot.

Heh, it's my first time operating a mouse. So, I kinda mess up. See, the tonnes of fat and the visible kidneys.

By the way, I meticulously peel off the skin so as to not cut off the blood vessels which will spill out like water pipe. Then, I cut open the abdomen muscles with a pair of dissecting scissors to see the internal organs.

The long and curvy small intestines -I wonder how much she consumes food a day... ...

FORTUNATELY, we got the chance to see foetus (under develop babies) too in a pregnant female mouse.

The fresh "babies" from the mother's womb. It's just too bad it can't live on to see the world... ... "sobs"

Another picture of the babies in the mother's womb:

These ones are still small compared to the ones above. Still, I feel kinda sorry for them. "continues to sob bitterly"

Anyway, after the dissection is over, we were not allowed to chop off their tails into small pieces, or pancung their head or do whatever gruesome stuffs to the mouse. Of course, we won't! We stitched the mouse with the pins and wrapped them up in a newspaper to be thrown away. We couldn't bury them.

p/s: Rest in peace, mouse. I'm thankful to you because you sacrificed yourselves to let us humans to know more about you. Thank you very much.. .."sobs"


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