Thursday, August 2, 2007

Honey-senpai... ....


Heh, I’ve watched the last episode of Ouran a couple of weeks ago and I still miss this show. I really hope there’s another season 2 for this great comedy. To tell you the truth, this is the greatest shoujo anime that I’ve ever watched. Right. Today, I’m going to tell you a bit about my second most favourite character, Haninozuka senpai a.k.a hone-senpai. For a senpai (a third year senior in Ouran high school), he looks kinda small. In other words, he looked a lot like a 3-year old kid. Being a black belt karate master, he loves sweet stuffs and of course his pink bunny doll. Weird, eh? That’s because he’s the loli shota type. He’s a kawaii (cute) type that loves eating cakes and holding his bunny all day long. He even has a cute voice which makes me want to pinch and pull or even squeeze his head with both of my knuckles. (Watch the anime for more information)

Honey-senpai, the master of disguise

Enough of the description… …

What makes him to be my next favourite character is because of his special characteristics. By the way, this is a spoiler!!! So, don’t read if you have no watch the anime or read the manga. Ahem, he’s originally from a family who practice martial arts called the haninozuka family. He’s the eldest in the family who will soon become the next successor despite his small size. However, the real honey-senpai loves cute stuff and eats his favourite cakes which make him naturally a cute boy rather than a karate master. Because of his father’s order, he has to give up all the things that he likes. Ha has to act in a more manly way which he definitely feels awkward. He feels that it’s not like him at all. He struggles. Finally, he made up his mine to release himself from this torture with the help of Morinozuka’s (he’s kinda like Honey-senpai’s older brother) advice. So, he returns school with his loli shota (absolute cuteness) behaviour. Well, his loli shota –ness always keep the girls in the school to go “kyaaaaaaaa~~~!!!!” That’s after he got discovered by Tamaki and joined the host club.

Of course, honey-senpai has taught me one important thing. That is, to become yourself. I definitely agree with this. Heh, I guess I’m a bit too obsessed with Ouran.

Loli shota type - Haninozuka Mitsukuni aka honey-senpai

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