Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ouran High School Host Club -Suou Tamaki

After watching the last episode of this comedy, it made me somehow to think what I really want for my own life. Perhaps it’s happiness and cheerfulness. Heh heh, I’ve learnt a lot from this anime especially from the Suou Tamaki. From him, I’ve kinda learnt to look things at a more optimistic way. Why? I’ll relate a bit about his story.

Suou Tamaki - The "king" of the host club

Suou Tamaki came from a super-duper rich family or rather from the famous Suou family who owned the Ouran High School. His father, Suou Yuzuru was the headmaster of this prestigious school. However, Tamaki was considered as an outcast in the Suou family. He was the son of his father’s mistress whom his father had met in France. Due to this, his father was forced to leave his lover behind by his notorious mother (Tamaki’s grandmother). Tamaki’s mother was very ill then. In addition, his mother’s business went down the hill day by day until the company owed a huge some of debt. Since Tamaki’s father couldn’t bore a son with his first wife, his sly grandmother proposed that Tamaki should be the next successor of the Suou family. She made a contract with his mother that if she wanted to save her family business from falling, she had to let go of her of her son and promised that she would never ever see her son again. In return, this sly grandma would help her to pay all her debt. Just imagine a young boy who grew with her mother for 14 years with such a sudden goodbye. That’s just too hard for Tamaki. Yet, he does hate neither his father nor his grandmother who keeps calling him a “filthy” child. He remained cheerful all the way without any sign of hatred because he knew that the Suou family had helped her mother a lot.

And, because of this, I’m impressed by Tamaki’s optimistic thinking. Although he’s just a fictional character, he’s still admirable to me. You might think that he’s a hypocrite that hides his grudge against his grandmother, but the setting up of the Ouran High Host Club has certainly proved that he’s himself without any hidden hatred.

The next thing that I admire about him is his friendliness. Before setting up the host club, he goes through all kinds of difficulties to get some members to join the club. The way he invites people may seem odd (watch the anime if you want to know more), but he’s sincerity always proves to convince them. The way he speaks too also made me stared in awe at times. He’s a kind of person who can look through anyone’s thoughts easily especially through one’s expression even if he’s speaking to a complete stranger. In short, he’s an understanding friend. I think maybe it’s his understanding nature that allows him to have lots of friend.

Wow, I wonder if there’s really a person so kind, cheerful, and understanding like him in the world. If there’s no one, I would like to be one. Haha, actions speak louder than words. I guess not to hold grudge against people I hate is not an easy job for me. Hey, I’m not saying that I hate people until I cannot forget. Hmm, maybe having a brother like him is not bad at all though he seems a bit like a womanizer. He

The rather "cheerful" and rich in "expression" Suou Tamaki.

p/s: In the anime, Tamaki’s a host who opens his club to all ladies in the high school to have a sweet romantic time with him and the other club hosts which include the hitachin twins, Kaoru and Hikaru, Honey-senpai (Haninozuka Mistsukuni), Morinozuka-senpai, Kyouya-senpai and last but not least, the only girl in disguise in the anime, Haruhi. Basically, the club’s objective is to bring happiness to all the ladies. Want to know why, watch the anime and find it yourself.

Or another thing, though it’s a shoujo anime, but I think Shounens can try to have a glimpse. Btw, the flowers especially roses in the anime are not that annoying, so don’t worry… … heh heh.. ..

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