Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Naruto's as good as dead...we shall remember you always..our true hero who always inspired us to never give up. We shall weep for eternity!!

on the other hand

sighs...feel so disastrous after the four tests and there's two more to go till I can spread my wings out for while..and that's three weeks..

current expression:
sad and bored face...I know this photo looks kinda familiar. For your info, that's not me. It's just a random photo of my friend, Mrs Beaver. Heh, the name's amanda. Reason for grabbing this photo, the expression is priceless. Just look at the's so wonderfully taken. Of course, this masterpiece is taken by Prof. Chouji.."

True enough I was rather wuliao that time taking pictures of many random people in the class..(that's before exam)..I even took some wuliao video

you know, sometimes taking random video is kinda amusing. It sometimes pisses one off easily..take a look at this spicy yet simple example:

annoyed ms wong....btw, they're a bunch of my utar coursemates taking the "breathtaking" scenery at bukit the pinang fruit island

first comment..
red + hot = dammit!!
now that's spicy

oh, this video is a courtesy of Ah Xian..

oh holy lembu, I guess my post is too random..shall stop here for more posting!! Tata~~

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